Christmas eve in the limo Biz! Ahhhh!

I’m finally getting around to tell my quick story about christmas eve!!  Dang was it a bad day when I got to my limousine shop I noticed there was a huge problem. I walked in and saw all the vehicle sitting in the garage only to notice the floor was covered in water. What a disaster this was considering the big week and then I have coming up for the holidays. I had every vehicle booked everyday every hour and every driver as busy as possible. I quickly ran over to the sink that was located in the corner garage and noticed that the pipes had frozen. The water heater had exploded in water was now dripping all over the floor of my garage. Luckily it didn’t ruin any of the vehicles but the floor and carpeting in the office were destroyed. The first thing I did was call my boys at They offer a quick 24 hour service and I was able to get them to the place as soon as possible. We evaluate of the problem and got everything back on track. It was a long day and I spend a lot of time at the garage that night but these are the troubles of owning a business the inevitable problem that every business owner and counters. Without my friend Dan at the plumbing company coming over as soon as possible on Christmas Eve it would have been even more of a disaster. I dedicate this post to him and I wanted to thank you again for all you did to help me. Dan you are the man. I owe you a free limo ride!!

Christmas is coming in the Limo Industry

It’s time for christmas.  While this is not the peak of limo season, my friends here in Charleston are going to be ready for the best.  They have several semi santa drivers ready to go as well as showcasing their limousines in the local malls.  Nothing screams christmas like Santa and a Limo!  Think of it as their sleigh.

This winter season, children are looking forward to school dances and time off from school.  There are many ways though that you can treat your children to a nice day in a limousine.

1.  Birthday Party?  I think so!

2.  Take them for a special day of pampering.  I’m sure your daughter would love to get her nails done and get driven around in a perfect limousine from my boys at  With professional guys like them, you know the limo community will really be screaming for more!  They offer amazing buses and amazing staff.

3.  It’s better than a DUI.  It’s far too common these days for limo companies to really keep you out of trouble.  Think twice before you drink and drive and make the decision to call a personal driver or a limo company.  A limo company wont yell at you if you dont show up on time.  They are there to serve you.  Let your friend the designated driver stay at home this year and get a limo.

My special night with a limousine

It was a couple months back that we went out drinking after the outside lands concert here in SF.  My friend justin and I stopped at the bar after getting ripped off on some tickets for the concert.  We figured the only way to get past this rough deal (getting ripped off 400$) was to drink the night away.   This company was out cutting down some trees in front of my apartment complex so we decided to bail and head out to do something outside since it was so nice out.

We walked to the local bar and grabbed some burritos on the way.  One beer turned into 2, turned into 3, turned into 15.  By the time 10pm struck, my sister arrived and were seriously getting down.  We also met up with my friend Jen from work who was getting freaky with her friend Nurse Jackie.  She and jackie had just come from the concert and were seriously drinking like fish.  When 11pm rolled around, we decided, welllllll where to go at 11pm on a drunk night?  The club!  We called for a driver that Jen knew and waited for like 25-40 minutes and it was a no show.  It was getting ridiculous so eventually we saw a limousine driving down the street from

So this dude, Rodney, rolls up in this old school ghetto limo.  Not only did Rodney have an old school limo, but he had the sweetest dog ever just chillin in the back of the limo.  It was a little chuwawa dog jumping around.  He was so cute.  He would jump back and forth through the window to us and then back to the front where rodney was driving.  It’s a good thing i wasn’t two inches taller or else my head would have been hitting the sagging ceiling.

We had a sweet ride down and finally decided to kick it at the club.  We had a great time that night and partied until 2am.  We took a quick lyft home and called it a night.  It was indeed a rough morning but oh well.  What ya gonna do.  Wish i kept rodneys number, because that limo was sick and old school.  It’s hard to find limos around here.  Most people use taxi or car service.

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